All Group Fitness Training Sessions are online or in person at our new location.

Sessions include:

  • 55 minute online sessions via Google Meet or in person at our outdoor location
  • High Intensity Workouts
  • Equipment is optional
  • Nutritional Coaching with your Personal Trainer
  • Monthly weigh in with Body Fat Composition including progress photos

Group Fitness Training Prices

  • 2x per Week: $199
  • Unlimited Classes: $249

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Team Work

Humans are social creatures, and the benefits of exercising with others are legion. Apart from it just being fun, having a team around you all working to get fit together can improve everyone’s chances of success.


Muscle Building

Many people don’t realize that the more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolic rate. Want to lose fat? Then building your muscle will help! Cardio alone will not change your composition. It helps to make your bones strong too!

muscle training