All Semi-Private Training Sessions are in person at our outdoor location or online.

Sessions include:

  • 50 minute full body workout
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Monthly weigh in with Body Fat Composition including progress photos

Semi-Private Prices:

  • 1x per Week: $420/month ($105)
  • 2x per Week: $800/month ($100)
  • 3x per Week: $1140/month ($95)

All prices subject to change.


Greater flexibility means greater mobility. Stiff muscles have a narrow range of motion and are more prone to injury. Flexibility exercises can mean the difference between success and pain, whether in an athletic endeavor or just in regular life.



It takes stamina to get to the end of the day feeling great. Endurance training is what gives it to you. Strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system, bringing them to peak efficiency so you have it in you to go the extra mile.



Strength and endurance are just two parts to fitness. Another part adds speed: power. Strength allows one to deliver force, but power training puts one in a position to also do it quickly. Build your power through a variety of exercises that train every part of your body.